Balance-of-life begins with your inner self..
healing in tranquil surroundings near Forster, Tuncurry, Taree, Rainbow Flat, Diamond Beach, Hallidays Point, Failford, Darawank 

Healing begins within

Meditation is your door to peace, love and abundance!

Inner Peace Meditation Full [edit]
Sonia Ricotti

Meditation and my spiritual journey thus far....

My spiritual journey began over 18 years ago, when I was feeling strung out from an extremely demanding career, my two children were at an age where they were making their own decisions (some which terrified me); my marriage was failing and my mother became very ill.

I sought counselling both professionally and from trusted friends, but I knew that ultimately I had to take control of the reins and choose a direction, before I lost my self and the very essence of who I really am.  

Finding clarity in your thoughts, when you are juggling so many seemingly endless issues, is like continuously walking to a destination you never reach.  It is exhausting and emotionally painful ........ However, I was encouraged to attend a meditation course as a form of relaxation "and the rest - as they say - is history"!

I cannot express enough gratitude for the clarity and purity of thought which meditation brings to my life - it is music to the soul!  The comfort of such a spiritual connection is profound and so liberating.  It has opened my world to embracing what really makes me fulfilled and content, while presenting the most amazing opportunities in which to expand and share.

Meditation gave me the power to let go of all that was holding me back and become a complete and passionate person again.  I have now been a Reiki II practitioner since 2002 and currently working toward Reiki Master status.  In 2010 I also studied and became a qualified Reflexology practitioner at the NSW Institute of Massage.

In 2015 I took a giant leap of faith in myself, to follow my dreams of helping others.  I resigned from a fabulous job in Exports, with Arnott's Biscuits, after more than 10 years of service and moved from Sydney to Darawank, on the stunning mid North Coast of NSW.  I have a beautiful, tranquil, two-acre property, which lends itself to everything I could possibly want to help others (and myself) flourish to full potential.

My newly adopted, local community, have embraced me with kindness and support beyond my expectations, so I am determined to give back in any way I can.....

In addition to wanting to offer healing to others, creativity and a love of all things artistic, lead me to a deep passion for French-inspired styling and furniture restoration.  Chalk painting seemed the absolute dream come true - brushstrokes of passion with a little flair and minimum preparation ! So began my desire to share with others the art and transformations this special product can offer.  In my eyes, this is yet another form of healing for the soul.

There are so many people along the way, who have coloured the fabric of my world with inspiration, affection and tolerance.  I can't thank you all enough for your support and dedicate this page to you with love.  My son and daughter, who were once sceptical, are so on board with my beliefs and when my wonderful little grandson Archie, looks into my eyes, I know he has been here before and I feel blessed he is now a precious part of my wonderful journey going forward.


As a community, there is no limit to what we can achieve.  Our heart and soul are the engines behind every good intention to make a difference.